1 Minute Exercises for Mom

Okay, we get it, being a Mom is tough work! It’s hard to get your whole life in order when you’re busy taking care of the little ones. And a workout? Forget it! Well – not anymore. We’ve created a list of ten one-minute exercises that are manageable and, as we like to say, “baby friendly”. Remember, 2018 is the year! No excuses!

1. Let’s start with taking deep breaths.

Believe it or not this is an exercise. This will help you cool down, calm down, and collect your thoughts. Breathe in deeply, hold for a second, and let a long breath out. Often times in yoga you may hear “tiger breath” which is the same thing. So, let that tiger breath out ladies!

2. Get up and stretch, with your kids!

Stretching is so important yet so many of us forget to do it, or simply don’t feel we have the time. Take out your phone and set an alarm to stretch at least 3x a day (you can schedule this however you’d like). Create a routine with your little ones that makes them stretch as well. Stand up tall, hands all the way up, bend over and touch your toes (kids love it too).

3. Replace your chair with a big bouncy yoga ball.

This may take some adjusting to but it’s incredibly beneficial. By doing this you are fixing your posture and strengthening your core at the same time. The ball does not provide the support that a normal chair does so it tells your body, “hey, get to work”! You’ll have beach body abs in no time!

4. Use laundry time to practice your squats.

Very simply take the wet clothes out of the washer, take a full squat (bend your knees and stick your butt out, keep a straight back), and put the clothes in the dryer. Never do a load of laundry again without doing this! Fantastic for your rear!

5. Brush your teeth and lift your calfs.

While you’re standing brushing take this time to strengthen your calfs. Place feet on the ground hip distance apart, rise onto your tippy toes, hold for 1 second and bring feet back flat on the ground. Repeat this for however long it takes you to brush your teeth. Once you feel the burning sensation you know you’re making changes!

6. Lunge walk as you clean up the play room.

Toys all over the ground? Use this cleaning time to practice your lunges. Take one leg and take a giant step forward, bring opposite leg’s knee down just above the ground, come back up and switch legs. This will strengthen many muscles in your legs creating great definition!

7. Jumping jacks never go out of style.

Kids love these and they’re exceptional to bring your heart rate up and get your blood flowing! Count to 25 with your kids and do jumping jacks, they’ll have a blast and you’ll get a workout too!

8. Folding laundry can be done holding a wall sit.

Let’s face it, we always have laundry that needs to be folded. Who else to do it but you, right? Well use this time to practice your wall sits. Start holding your wall sit for 30 seconds and build it up over time. Week one hold for 30 seconds twice a week. Week two 60 seconds, week three 90 seconds, etc. By the end you should be able to hold a wall sit for a couple minutes (we’ve seen pretty long ones)!

9. Blast the stereo and start dancing!

Another definite kid pleaser! Get your body moving with your favorite tunes. Your kids will love it and you’ll have exceptional bonding time with them. Alongside that wonderful fact you’ll also get your heart rate up and blood pumping too!

And last but certainly not least….

10. Practice balancing and stretching while cooking dinner, or blowdrying your hair, etc.!

Take your hand and grab your opposite foot. Pull your foot gently to meet your butt and feel the stretch, repeat with opposite limbs. This helps the body find balance which requires your core and focus along with stretching and elongating your muscles. If you’re going to be doing an activity that requires standing around you might as well get to work!

We realize that life goes by quickly and everything seems easier said than done, but we have faith in you! Don’t let life flash by and think of could have been done or the small differences you could have made.

We at Gadikat know the importance of a good workout and value time to focus on self-improvement. We are hoping this list was informative and creative working into your already busy routines.

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