How to Engage With Your Child

The most crucial time of your son or daughter’s life is when they’re young. They’re learning everything for the first time and who better to guide them through life than you? We value quality time with our little ones tremendously, which is why we’ve taken the time to write up a few ways to connect and engage with your children every day. How to engage with your child?

1. Run errands with more than one purpose.

Necessary tasks that have to be done like grocery shopping, post office visits, and dry cleaners can be an opportune time to converse with your child. Ask them about school, ask them about their friends, talk to them like you would a friend of yours. Treat your children with respect and you will be rewarded with it in return. Even on the way to the establishment you can discuss things in the car. We’ve found the more we calmly and nicely spoke to our children the more we received the same treatment back (and who doesn’t want a well behaved child)?!

2. Go on a walk together.

This is even better if you have a dog you need to walk. Have an early dinner and then take the dog on a walk with your child. This is a great time to connect and get your child off their iPod, iPad, or iPhone! When you’ve noticed one of your children acting out, perhaps it’s a good time to separate them from their siblings and have alone time to assess the situation.

3. Cook together.

Cooking is a GREAT way to bond with your child. Cooking gives them a task to do and let’s them constructively contribute to the meal. We’ve recently become HUGE fans of Blue Apron ( which enables the whole family to get involved! They send the meal and the directions – and might we say their recipes are MMM, MMM, DELICIOUS! Your children will appreciate their meal more if they helped make it.

4. Annual trips and traditions.

Ever reminisce about the past? About the Christmas you used to have when you were growing up? Do you get that warm happy feeling when you do? Traditions bring happiness to not just your children but to your whole family. Whether it’s a Christmas Eve scavenger hunt or an annual trip to Florida start a tradition with your loved ones today.

5. Quiet time and a nap or two.

This is especially useful to spend one-on-one time with one of your children if they’re at different stages of napping.
We love to spend time with our older children while the babes nap, during this time we put puzzles together or read books. Sometimes we might even take a nap together, some cuddle time. Our children are so excited to get some alone time with Mommy or Daddy they respond very well! Take the time to unwind with your child, they will be at peace throughout there life when they learn to appreciate quiet time.

6. Create a bedtime routine and stick to it.

We’ve found routines work very well with children, and therefore a bedtime one is a no-brainer!
When it’s that time of night tell your children, “pajama time” and do your normal bedtime tasks. As soon as your little ones hop into bed pay each of them an individual visit. Make the effort to sit on their bedside and talk with them about their day or about the next day. Read them a bedtime story, tuck them in, do whatever you have to do to ensure your child feels safe at night. This security goes a long way!

Being a parent is tough, trust us, we know! We hope these little tips and tricks can bring happiness to you and your families life.

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