Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom and Baby in 2019

To stay organized in your hospital visit during labor, you should ensure you have packed all the necessary items. It is important to have a bag that is well designed to accommodate and organize all necessary items you and your baby will need.

Here are some of the items you should check when going through your hospital bag.

Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby:

1.Birth plan documentation

You have an insurance cover which will cater for the hospital pills. It is necessary to ensure you have packed all the documentation necessary for your insurance cover to pay the pills.

2. Eyeglasses

You will be required to remove your contact lenses if you undergo a C-section. Eyeglasses will allow you see your baby and read documents while in hospital.

3. Clothes for you to wear during labor

You need to pack enough clothes which you will wear during your labor. Try to pack clothes which are designed to be comfortable during labor. Avoid those which can develop hard stains.

4. Massage oil or lotion

A massage during your labor can reduce the pain. Try and have your favorite massage oil in the pack. It is necessary to make you stay relaxed.

5. Birth ball

You need a birth ball. Some facilities have the balls. If the one you are about to visit does not have, you can deflate one and carry in your bag.

6. Lip balm

Your lips will tend to dry very fast due to the breathing you will undergo during labor. Having a lip balm in your diaper bag for hospital can do you a great favor.

7. Snacks and drinks

If the hospital allows carrying snacks and drinks, you can carry your favorite drink.

8. Baby clothing

You need clothes for your newborn. The bag allows you to carry the right clothing so that your baby can feel comfortable upon clothing him. You can as well carry several pieces so that you can conveniently clothe your baby.

9. Headbands and ponytail holders

If you have long hair, then you need to have headbands in your hospital bag checklist for mom and baby. The headbands will help you keep the hair organized during your hospital visit.

10. Music devices

You may need devices such as your mobile, iPod, MP3 player among other devices to keep you relaxed during the labor period.

11. Camera and a cellphone

You would like to capture the exciting moments. A camera will help you capture those exciting moments.

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