Taking Baby Out For the First Time: What You Need To Know

Introducing a newborn to the outdoors for the first time is many parents’ dream and a nightmare at the same time. While every parent would love to see their babies enjoy the chirping birds, warm sun, and gentle breeze, the outdoors tends to serve more than babies can chew.

Insect bites, harsh temperatures, dirt, and germs are just some of the things that make many parents hesitant to take their newborns outside.

Knowing that even a single bee sting can mean a trip to the emergency room is enough for any parent to coop up their babies indoors until they’re old enough to at least move independently. But is this the way to go?
Experts have weighed in on the matter repeatedly, and generally, this is what they have to say.

Q: Is it Safe to Take a Newborn Outside?

A: During the first few weeks, new mothers will be hesitant to even expose their babies to the outdoors, and that’s understandable. However, pediatricians say that it is quite alright to take a newborn baby out for a walk occasionally provided you keep them away from crowds and eliminate contact with strangers to keep baby safe from germs that can make them sick.
Take the right precautions as well, such as observing the temperature (we talk about this in depth later on), dressing the baby appropriately, and protecting them from too much exposure to the elements.

Q: When Is It Safe To Take The Baby Out Shopping?

A baby’s immune system isn’t developed until the first six to eight weeks after birth have passed. You should respond accordingly by not exposing your newborn to crowded areas as these pose a greater risk of infection to their weak immune systems.

Even common ailments like flu can be difficult to fight and cause unnecessary suffering to the child. To prevent this, slowly introduce your baby to crowded places after eight weeks and observe all precautions on hygiene to ensure they remain unharmed.
You should try as much as possible to minimize baby’s contact with strangers, especially in crowds. Even supermarkets are a no-go until the baby reaches eight weeks of age, according to Dr. Lori Storch-Smith, a Westport, Connecticut pediatrician who also advises breastfeeding as a method of boosting the child’s immune system rapidly.

Q: What Temperature Is Safe Enough To Take My Baby Outside?

A: Outdoor temperature is another hot ticket issue when it comes to taking the baby out for a stroll. Many parents struggle with determining the right time to take their children outside, but pediatricians say that it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Avoid the hottest of summer days and the coolest of winter days. As a rule of thumb, experts recommend taking strolls not later than 10 am and not earlier than 4 pm. Temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit are considered unsuitable for long periods of time, but you can still bring the baby out periodically provided you keep them warm and don’t stay out too long.

Pay mind to what the baby is wearing also. Light clothing should be arranged for hot days, and the baby should be dressed in layers when the temperatures are low. It’s alright to use sunscreen on the baby’s hands and feet, but take advantage of shady areas to hide from direct sunlight.

In Conclusion:

The most important thing to do is to watch out for signs of extreme heat or cold. Babies don’t sweat as we do, so check for signs of dehydration such as a dry diaper. Keep baby well fed during hot summer days since this is when they need hydration the most. In cold weather, check for shivering and add extra layers to their clothing to keep them warm. This is also the right time to bust out the baby carrier since it promotes body heat transfer from parent to child.
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