Things to Consider While Flying with Your Little One

Flying with a baby might be terrifying if you are not prepared well. You will have to take care of both your baby’s emotional and physical demands. You will have to ensure that your baby is comfortable and having a lot of fun. If you are traveling a foreign country, you might need a passport for newborn and toddlers. For your help, following are the details that you can go through while traveling with a toddler/newborn.

When can an infant fly?

Infants are allowed to fly anytime. There is no age restriction. But yes, your pediatrician might suggest you wait for two weeks. They are also allowed to travel internationally. For international travels, your infants need to be vaccinated from some common diseases like mumps, chicken pox, and measles. These illnesses are common in many parts of the world. Therefore, it is important to complete the second round vaccination before international traveling.


All the fights will require a boarding pass even for infants. For international traveling, your kid will need a valid passport irrespective of age. You will have to show the birth certificate if your kid is below two years of age. However, you should keep the birth certificate for any emergency.

Consider using a car seat

If you buy a ticket for your little one, then consider taking a car seat. Your baby will be comfortable and you will be assured that your little one is safe and having a great time with regular naps. You can inquire about a car seat while booking your ticket.

Thing to pack

You will certainly need to pack a lot of things for your newborn. The first requirement will be diapers. Make sure that you have enough diapers. Besides diaper, you will have to pack emergency medicines, healthy snacks, toys, pacifier, small blanket, an extra bag for stinky diaper, and clothes.

Prepare for mishaps

While traveling with an infant/toddler, you will have to prepare yourself for any kind of mishap. If you are traveling with a toddler, you need to be more careful. Toddlers demand more attention. You will have to take first aid box, extra clothes, food and snacks, and an extra plastic bag to store messy items. Make sure that you have a refillable water bottle and a lot of snacks and toys to keep your kid engaged. If your toddler is able to help you to choose the toys, then let him find the best one.

Flying for the first time will be exciting for your kids. You should try your best to savor the moment regardless of condition.

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