What You Need to Take Best Care of Newborn Babies

Bringing a newborn baby home is a moment of contentment and excitement. However, it also brings some sort of anxiety and this is where newborn baby checklist will assist in running the whole process very smoothly. The newborn baby checklist will help in determining all the essentials that need to be purchased or prepared for newborn babies. It is important that all the things are ready and for this to make sure, checklist always comes handy as it gives a rough idea about newborn necessities.

Newborn feeding

Feeding newborn baby is not a task of restricted hours. It involves round the clock commitment. It forms a bond between baby and mother. A newborn needs 8 to 12 feedings in a day. Newborn feeding should be done when signs of hunger are displayed like stirring, stretching, movements of lips and movements of sucking.

If breastfeeding-

It is the ideal food for newborn babies.

Do not forget to purchase-

Breast pads,

Four-ounce bottles with nipples specially meant for newborn babies,

Nipple cream

If bottle feeding-

If bottle feeding is practiced, go for infant formula. Do not feed newborn babies water, juice and other fluids. Healthy newborn babies don’t need these fluids.


Insulated bag for keeping the bottle,

Milk bottle and nipple brush,

22 oz. cartons of baby formula

For bathing-

Baby soap/cleansers/shampoo,

Baby hairbrush,

Baby hooded towels,

Plastic baby tubs,



Diapers are the most important newborn necessities that parents need. Whether it is disposable or the cloth diapers, it is for sure that plenty of them need to be purchased. Parents of newborn babies don’t have to run in the middle of the night for buying diapers and thus make sure to stock diapers of various sizes to avoiding running out of them.

Newborn baby’s diapers,

Diaper pail,

Changing table,

Ointment for diaper rash,

Disposable wipe cloths (unscented)

For sleeping-


Mattress for crib,

Crib sheets

For baby safety and first aid kit-

Digital thermometer,


Baby laundry detergent,

Nail clippers for baby,

Baby ibuprofen,

Baby insect repellent,

Baby sunscreen

Newborn assessment

Assessment of the newborn baby begins at birth and is continued by a nurse for next 2 to 4 days. The initial assessment is listening and observation. Another newborn assessment sign is crying. Baby is stimulated to cry and this sign of newborn crying is actually a healthy sign. Grunting or singing is a sign of respiratory disease. Pink skin color is a good sign. Blue, pale or ruddy skin color is not a good sign. Weight, chest circumstance, head, and length are measured as soon as the baby is born. It is made sure that knee of the newborn baby is extended and not bent.

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